Get Away Today is a leader in the travel industry, having helped more than 6 million people enjoy stress-free and affordable vacations. As a premier Disney partner, they operate in an extremely competitive field. Get Away Today is grounded in the magical moments of family fun and vacations. This had a significant influence on the colors and typography of the branding we use. Their brand colors consist of sunshine yellow, golden orange, and royal blue that evoke feelings of fun while also representing the atmosphere of California. 

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family fun excitment-01.png
family fun excitment-01.png

Problems & Solutions

When the COVID- 19 pandemic emerged in the spring of 2020, Get Away Today took a significant hit. This stems from their being cemented in the travel industry and the unfortunate  impact of both Disneyland and Walt Disney World parks closing down.

Silverfox HQ teamed up with Get Away Today to develop custom certified face masks to help combat a loss in sales and provide a safe solution to those in need.

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SEO & Advertising

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Get Away Today approached SilverFox early on to develop a digital marketing strategy that would help them grow their business and achieve their goal: to assist even more travelers in making their dream vacation a reality. Our SEO and digital marketing launched them from a small, local agency to one of the largest distributors of Disney tickets in the world.