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Are you ready to make your business stand out? At SilverFox HQ, we understand how much work you’ve put into your business. We want to help your business grow and meet your goals. That’s why we come to work every morning. 


Marketing your business involves all sorts of elements that need to work together to bring customers in. Part of growing your business involves creating high quality graphics. Without appealing advertisements, social media posts, or printed materials, you’ll have trouble reaching your desired audience.


SilverFox has a team of talented professional graphic designers who are ready to take on the challenge of designing for your brand.


But why is graphic design needed? Good graphic design’s more than making a product or brand look nice. It’s a way to share your brand’s message and values and create a cohesive identity that customers will recognize. Visuals are an extremely powerful tool. 


Are you ready to see what SilverFox’s graphic design services can do for your business?


Why is graphic design important for your business?

Graphic design is important for your business. It’s the face and personality of your business. It’s not rocket science: good graphic design can help to grow your business.


Graphic design that appeals to your prospective customers is more memorable and likely to catch their attention. Why is this important? Speed is everything. 


Any time you scroll through social media, there are dozens of ads and promoted posts fighting for your attention. You likely don’t even recognize how many ads and posts there are since most fail to capture your attention. 


Your brand deserves the strongest and most effective graphics to stop potential customers mid-scroll. 


Plus, adding images or graphics to your social media posts increases visibility and engagement on all platforms. 


Graphic design is also important with how your business is perceived. Your graphics are often the first thing a potential customer sees when they visit your website, your social media profiles, or encounter one of your ads. Other times, they’ll come across a flyer or business card. 


Knowing how important a first impression can be, do you really want to represent your business with subpar visuals? Poor design will leave a lasting impression, it just won’t be the kind you want. 


SilverFox HQ’s graphic design services can spruce up your brand image and stop customers mid-scroll. Our visuals will help your brand stand out.

Our graphic design services

SilverFox HQ has a team of professional graphic designers and marketing specialists who are ready to help your business succeed. Let us take care of your graphic design needs while you focus on running your business. 


When it comes to choosing a graphic design agency, you need the best. You see, we aren’t like other graphic design companies. We operate on the cutting edge. 


At SilverFox, we work with your marketing plan and specifications. We know what it takes to elevate your brand to the next level. We aren’t afraid to push the boundaries and norms. If you’re interested in being experimental and creative with your brand and your marketing, we can help to tell your story in new and exciting ways.


No matter what direction you want to take your brand, we can make it shine.


With more than 15 years of combined and educated graphic design experience, our graphic design services will make your brand stand out.


We offer many types of graphic design services, which we’ve listed out below.


Ready to start now? Use the buttons below to see our work and receive your free consultation.

Branding Services


Branding is one of our specialties. Our talented designers have created branding for many businesses over the years. We create stunning and memorable logos, comprehensive branding books, and more.


To learn more about our branding services, check out our branding services page.


Ad Design Services


As a lead generation marketing agency, we understand the importance of advertising. SilverFox’s team of designers will design effective visual ads for Facebook, Instagram, and other platforms. 


Our ad designs can be coupled with our PPC advertising and lead generation services for maximum results. 


Business Cards Design


Do you need new business cards for your brand? Don’t rely on online builders or templates. So many businesses use these templates, and your business won’t be able to stand out. 


With our graphic design services, you’ll receive a custom design just for your business. That way, your business card will stand out. 


Printed Materials Graphic Design


Looking to have printed materials designed for your business? Our designers can create brochures, flyers, magazine and newspaper ads, and more for your business. 


Just looking to update your old materials? We’ll give your brand a much-needed revamp that stays true to your business and values while using the most effective print design methods to create new customers.


Need writing for your brochures and flyers? Our content writers are more than happy to help! You can learn more about our content writing services here.


Social Media Posts Design


Having a social media feed that’s on point takes a lot of work. If you’re ready to take your business’s social media posts to the next level, SilverFox HQ is here to make that happen. Our social media post designs are made to fit your brand voice, brand values, and industry while using best design practices. 


We can create any type of social media post, such as graphics and animated images (GIFs). Need some text and design added to a photo? We’ve got you. Looking to start from scratch? We can do that. 


No matter your needs, our social media post designs will ensure that your brand stands out. 

Product and Packaging Design


At SilverFox, we don’t just design traditional and digital marketing materials. Packaging plays a huge role in marketing your products. Interesting packaging design stands out on store shelves, and anywhere your customers may take the product. 


Give your products the packaging it deserves. Our designers have experience designing packaging and products from various brands and industries. Whether you need a design for a bottle of lotion, a package of candy, supplements, tags for items, and more, we’re happy to help.


Letterhead Design


Letterheads help to give your business a professional appearance. Unfortunately, not all letterheads are designed equally. With our letterhead design services, you won’t need to worry about your brand’s documents looking professional or standing out. We’ll do all of the work for you.


Presentation Design


Giving a PowerPoint or Google Slides presentation to potential clients? What about a PDF presentation to potential investors? With big events coming up, the last thing you need to worry about is how your presentation looks.


You’ve spent all of the time researching and pulling data. Let us make sure it’s presented in a compelling and interesting way.


Our presentation templates utilize your business’s tone of voice and identity alongside best design practices to create a cohesive feel. Your audience will be left with a great first impression after seeing your professional display.


Web Design 


Looking for website design services? Check out our web design services page for more information. 


Our Graphic

Design Portfolio

Graphic design is our instinct. We’ve provided design services to many businesses over the years. Below you’ll find a selection of our graphic design work. To learn more about our work for specific clients, feel free to visit our portfolio page.

Branding / Product Creation / Packaging Design / Performance Marketing

KiFit Wellness

Branding / Content Creation /
Performance marketing 

Minky Couture

Modern Tie

Branding / Performance Marketing
Branding / Product Development / Packaging Design / Performance Marketing

KingPin Labs

Branding / Packaging Design

Zaana Co.

Branding / Systems Creation /
Performance Marketing

Mickey Vault

Branding / Product Development / Advertising

O Cozy

Branding / Website Development /
Performance Marketing

Get Away Today

 Performance Marketing / SEO

Let’s design a better future for your business

Steel Coated Floors

Brand Strategy / Performance Marketing