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Lead Generation


Lead Generation


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What is lead generation marketing?

Lead generation is defined as the process of attracting and identifying potential prospects, either customers or clients, for your business and getting them to enter your sales pipeline. 


There are many different ways to accomplish their goal depending on your industry, audience, and goals for lead generation. 


Some forms of lead generation might include building a list of potential clients to call through a free consultation sign-up or building an email list. Lead generation can also involve PPC advertising and sales pages that convert these leads directly into sales. 


There are two main types of lead generation: inbound leads and outbound leads.

Inbound Lead Generation vs Outbound Marketing

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Outbound lead gen is a more traditional form of marketing. It generally involves pushing messages to prospective customers, whether they asked to be contacted or not. This isn’t necessarily a negative approach compared to inbound marketing, as the methods still work for certain types of businesses.


Forms of outbound marketing include advertisements on billboards or buses, commercials during TV shows, and cold calling potential customers. This also includes emailing to a list you purchased or sending cold emails to potential customers. 


Inbound lead generation on the other hand is a method of lead generation where the prospects come to you or give you permission to market to them. 


Inbound marketing has become more popular in recent years as more Americans block unwanted phone calls, fast forward through commercials, or send emails straight to the spam folder.


With these changing tactics, outbound marketing isn’t enough anymore. It can still have its place, but inbound lead generation is the preferred method to most consumers.


Inbound lead generation includes running advertisements online that funnel prospects into a sales page, having your audience opt-in to receive emails or phone calls, and using retargeting ads. Inbound lead generation also includes content marketing, your website, your blog, social media, and SEO.


At SilverFox HQ, we specialize in inbound lead generation and digital marketing. We’re here to help you grow your business. 

So, you’re looking for more leads. Who isn’t? Running a business is hard enough as it is. It’s even harder when you can’t seem to find leads or drive more traffic that converts to your website. 


Since you’re looking for lead generation services, you’re likely experiencing one of the following:

  • You’re looking to expand your business revenue by finding new leads

  • Your current lead sources or methods have dried up, leaving you scrambling for solutions

  • You’ve been burned by marketing agencies in the past and are looking for a new partner

  • You’re looking to expand into a new market and hit the ground running

  • You’re seeking to hire new talent, but aren’t attracting the right candidates


If you’re in any of the situations above, you’ve come to the right place. SilverFox HQ is a digital marketing and lead generation agency with a proven track record of helping businesses in Utah and Arizona grow. 


Our lead generation services can help you grow your business and find new customers or clientele. 

Why do I need inbound lead generation services?

If you want to increase your business’s revenue, lead generation is the way to go. Not only is it more cost and time effective to run an inbound lead generation campaign than cold calling and buying email lists, but it can have a far greater return on your investment.


If your business is used to cold calling potential clients and getting hung up on or yelled at, inbound leads can revolutionize your business. Through advanced PPC advertising campaigns and sales funnels, we can find leads who are interested in your product or service already and have voluntarily given their information to be contacted. 


This increases the likelihood that your business will make the sale.


If you aren’t a business that cold calls, lead generation can drive more traffic to your website or landing page. If you want people to sign up for a free consultation, inbound lead generation can help you find qualified leads who voluntarily reach out to you for more information.


For products, inbound lead generation tactics can be used to drive traffic to your website or a sales page, leading to more sales.


Inbound lead generation also involves creating evergreen content that attracts more site visitors and provides value for your audience. This builds trust and eventually leads to more sales and brand loyalty.


Inbound lead generation is great for growing your business revenue, expanding to new markets so that you can immediately hit the ground running, and even finding new talent for your business.

Our Lead Generation Services

SilverFox HQ specializes in inbound lead generation and digital marketing. We are Utah’s cutting edge marketing agency, and we won’t rest until we deliver results that help you reach your goals. 


Our inbound lead generation services can increase your revenue, allow you to expand to new markets, and get more traffic to your website. We take pride in our work. Your success is our success. With SilverFox’s lead generation services, you’ll be on your way to meeting your goals and increasing your ROI.

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Lead Generation Marketing


Whether you’re looking to increase product sales or get qualified leads you can call on, our lead generation marketing techniques will deliver. We’ve developed various lead generation and sales funnels for our clients, including home improvement services, supplements, retail, and more. 


No matter your industry, we can drive traffic to landing pages and forms to either gather leads or directly make sales. Even if you’re looking for small business lead generation, we can help.

Paid Advertising


SilverFox HQ’s PPC specialists can use Facebook, Google Advertising, and YouTube ads to drive traffic to your website or a landing page. We monitor our results and refine our tactics to give you the best ROI. To learn more about our PPC advertising services, visit our PPC ads page.


Landing Page Creation and Optimization


If your lead generation or sales campaign is targeting a single product or service, you need an effective landing page that converts. Our landing page design services, in conjunction with compelling sales copy, are optimized to convert prospects into customers. 

Sales Funnels


Looking for sales funnel and sales copy services that convert? Our sales copywriters and designers can create funnels and sales letters that grow your business. Check out our sales funnels and sales copy services page.


Content Marketing


Content marketing is a great way to organically grow your audience. Content helps to build your brand’s credibility and trust, build your search ranking, and provide value to your audience. You can learn more about our content writing services here.


Our Lead Generation Portfolio

We’ve had the pleasure of working with many businesses to increase leads and sales. From getting qualified leads for an epoxy flooring company in Arizona to running ads for local businesses in Utah, we’ve brought our clients much success from our efforts.


Over the years, we’ve run many successful PPC advertising campaigns for Minky Couture. From the ad creative and design to deployment, we ensured that our campaign would get results for Minky Couture. 


For example, for one of our non-holiday, non-promo tests for Minky Couture in February 2021, we ran ads over a period of four days with about $2,000 in ad spend. Our efforts produced 900 sales with an average order value of $150. That’s an impressive 67.5 ROA for a sales test that offered no promotions and was not part of any holiday sales.

SilverFox HQ has also partnered with travel agency Get Away Today. They initially approached us in 2014 for help expanding their status as a market leader. Our multi-faceted lead generation approach involved SEO, PPC advertising, paid social advertising, and display advertising. 


Our lead generation campaigns for Get Away Today have resulted in an ROI of more than 11 times and more than $160 million in revenue. In fact, the results of our PPC campaign were so successful, Disney created a new rule against other companies bidding on their branded terms. 


If we could outrank Disney for their own words, just think of what we can do for your business.

Start building your business today!

At SilverFox, we aren’t about profiting off our clients. We want all of our clients to grow and meet their goals. We can help you do that. So, what are you waiting for? We’re ready to help you succeed.

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