• Chase Charaba

How to edit quick videos on Adobe Premiere Rush

Updated: Mar 5

If you are looking to create videos for your business, there are many tools available. From free video editors to monthly or yearly subscriptions and everything in between, there is a video editing software for everyone.

Adobe has two different video editing software available as part of their Creative Cloud subscription: Premiere Rush and Premiere Pro.

While Premiere Pro has long been an industry leader for video editing, it can be a challenge to learn, especially for those just starting out. If you are just looking to edit some quick videos yourself, Premiere Rush might be a better option.

In this article, we’ll look at how to use Adobe Premiere Rush.

How to use Adobe Premiere Rush

When you first install and open Adobe Premiere Rush you’ll see a splash screen much like the other Adobe Creative Cloud products. If it is your very first time using the software, you’ll see an option to start a tutorial on editing your first video. We recommend following along to get an overview of some of the tools and functions of the software.

Now that Adobe has walked you through the basics, let’s dig in.

Creating a new project

When you open a new project, you’ll see a place to name your project in the lower left corner. Now that you have named your project, you can import videos, audio, and photos. After selecting the content you’d like to import you can add the media to the sequence with the create button in the lower right corner. There, you can see your sequence timeline and play the videos you’ve selected.

An introduction to the basic editing tools

To the left you’ll see a toolbar with some of the basic editing tools. By selecting the scissors icon you can split a clip. You can then drag different clips around the timeline to rearrange them. You can also duplicate a clip with the Duplicate tool, or delete a clip or element by selecting the trash icon.

The Expand Audio tool allows you to see the audio waveform better for any audio edits that you perform. You can also toggle Control Tracks, which allows you to mute or hide tracks while editing.

By holding down the orange edges to either side of the clip you’ve selected, you can shorten or extend them.

Color grading your video

On the right side of the application, you’ll see a vertical toolbar with more features. In Color, you can add filters to your videos to ensure that they all look similar, or you can choose Edit and start from scratch. Not liking what you see? That’s because by default Adobe Premiere Rush adds the filters at 100% intensity. At the bottom of the color menu, you can drag the slider to reduce the intensity until you like it.

Adding transitions

In Effects, you can add transitions by dragging them onto the desired clip. Transitions aren’t just reserved for video. You can add these to text and other elements you decide to add.

Add text to your video

You can also add text to your videos. Move the playhead to the clip you’d like to add text to. Then, on the left side of the application, select the plus button. Then select Title. You can now choose from various preset titles. To edit the text, double click on the text that shows up on your video. In the text editor to the right, you can change font, color, and more options under the edit submenu.

Contrary to what the menu title may lead you to believe, these title templates can be used for anything that you’d like. This includes lower thirds elements to introduce a person, add facts or tips to your videos, or anything else that you can put your mind to.

On the menu to the right, you can also change and speed of a clip, edit audio, and crop and rotate your footage.

Editing audio

In Audio, you can adjust the volume of a clip, and use advanced settings to improve your video’s sound. You can assign each audio track a different type, such as music or dialogue, and select the option for Auto Volume. Adobe will set the volume to an industry standard, but you can always adjust it further yourself if you need to. The Auto Duck function will lower the volume of the music whenever a dialogue clip plays. While this is an easy way to ensure that your music fades out whenever someone speaks, it may require further adjustments.

Export your video

When you are done editing a video, select Share at the upper left corner. You can now export your video to your device, or upload it directly to social media. We’d recommend that you export the video to your device first and then manually import the video to YouTube, Instagram, or another platform. That way you can customize your description and tags to ensure your videos get seen.

Under Advanced, you can change your export settings. You’ll probably want to change it from the default 720p and export in 1080p Full HD. You can also export in 4K if you have 4K video clips in your project. Additionally, there are presets for YouTube and Facebook videos.

How does Premiere Rush differ from Premiere Pro

Adobe Premiere Rush offers many of the same basic editing features as Premiere Pro. However, it lacks many of the more advanced features.

With Premiere Pro you have more flexibility in creating and organizing your project. There are many more options for titles, text, transitions, speed, audio editing, and color grading, among other things.

Premiere Rush is perfect for those who haven’t had much experience with video editing, or for those who want to upgrade from iMovie or a free editing program. It allows you to establish a foundation for editing and get what you want for social media at a fraction of the time.

If you already know how to use Premiere Pro, however, there is no added benefit of using Premiere Rush.

Closing thoughts

Adobe Premiere Rush is an incredibly powerful tool for those not as versed in editing. You can create stunning social videos in no time without being bogged down by too many menus or options. While it doesn’t replace Premiere Pro in a professional workflow, it is a great addition for the casual user of businesses looking to create their own video content.

We hope you found this overview of the features available in Premiere Rush to be helpful.

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