• Chase Charaba

How professional graphic design can boost your business

Updated: Mar 5

So, you want your brand to succeed. We do, too! At SilverFox, we understand the amount of work that goes into building a business.

Marketing is an essential piece of growing your brand. In this 21st Century world where the Internet plays a huge role in reaching new customers, you’ll need a marketing team that delivers results.

In this article, we’ll take a look at how graphic design can help your business succeed, and what SilverFox HQ offers to make your dreams a reality.

Why is graphic design so important for a business or brand? Isn’t it just there to make websites and social media posts look better?

Good graphic design is more than just making a product or brand look nice. Graphic design is another way to share your brand’s message and create a cohesive identity that consumers recognize. Visuals are an extremely powerful tool. Let’s look at how design can make or break a brand.

Graphic design can improve sales

Graphic design’s role in an overall marketing strategy cannot be overstated. It is the face and personality for customers’ perspectives of a brand. Potential customers need to be able to know exactly what a brand is about at first glance.

It’s not rocket science: good graphic design can improve sales for your business. Since graphics are a way to share your vision and story, branding that aligns with your products and message can create coveted brand ambassadors.

Marketing sells and builds a brand. It’s about winning new customers and keeping your dream alive, even before they’ve seen your product. That’s where effective graphic design can change the game. Graphic design that appeals to your audience is memorable and likely to capture the interest of potential customers.

With marketing, speed is everything. Any time you scroll through social media, there are dozens of ads and promoted posts fighting for your attention. With only a few seconds to capture someone’s attention, you’ll need the strongest and most effective graphics to stop potential customers mid-scroll.

Plus, adding images or graphics to posts increases visibility and engagement.

According to Hootsuite and We Are Social, Facebook posts that include an image have an average engagement rate more than double that of a text-only post.

With images being so important for an online presence, you’ll want to make sure your business has the best of the best to stop any potential customers from swiping past. SilverFox’s graphic design team can create stunning and effective images that can increase your sales.

When Red Rock Comfort began in partnership with SilverFox, it started with just a concept and graphic design on social media. Before Red Rock Comfort even had a product to sell, potential customers showed interest, jump-starting their marketing.

That isn’t the only reason why graphic design is important, though.

Graphic design is often your customer’s first impression of your brand

Your marketing materials and online presence are often a customer’s first impression of your product and brand. First impressions are everything. Compelling graphics and images can make potential customers interested in your product.

If a consumer’s first interaction with your brand is poor graphic design, you’ll lose their trust. Knowing how important a first impression can be, do you really want to represent your brand with subpar visuals? Poor design will leave a lasting impression, it just won’t be the kind you want.

This also applies to website design.

According to Stanford Persuasive Technology Lab, 46.1% of those surveyed said the design of a website is the number one factor for discerning a company’s credibility.

Chances are, if a website looks unprofessional, viewers might leave to find a better alternative. They’ll find a product with compelling imagery that establishes trust and will incite them to buy. Consumers may wonder if they can trust the website with their credit card information, or if they’ll get a virus from simply having clicked on an ad. You don’t want that to be your brand!

An appealing website not only seems more trustworthy, but it is generally easier to navigate and can pull more customers to your product.

Our talented design team at SilverFox can spruce up your website and make it not only easier to navigate, but ensure that customers have a great experience.

At SilverFox, we create professional materials to make sure your brand’s marketing is appealing and consistent. Our designs will leave potential customers with a favorable and powerful impression of your business.

Creativity can be rewarding

One of the most important things a business can do to grow is to be different. Our professional designers at SilverFox will work with you to develop unique ways of telling your story.

In today’s world, we are constantly bombarded with advertisements, images, sounds, and graphics. Most people in the United States can’t go a day without seeing dozens of ads, whether that’s online, or through signage and billboards.

If you want to stand out from the rest and be cutting edge in your industry, it is time to start getting creative.

At SilverFox, we will work with your marketing plan and specifications. We know what it takes to take your brand to the next level. However, if you are willing to be experimental and creative with your brand and your digital marketing, it can help you increase sales and tell your story in new and exciting ways. No matter what direction you want to take and your comfort level with design and marketing, we can make your brand shine.

How SilverFox can help

SilverFox is here to help you succeed. We want your business dreams to come true. Let us take care of your digital marketing, graphic design. and brand development needs while you focus on running your business.

We can design ads, digital marketing assets, motion graphics, and printed materials such as brochures, flyers, and postcards, packaging and product design, and branding for your business. We not only create graphics and build websites, we build brands.

With more than 15 years of combined and educated graphic design experience, SilverFox can help you build your brand from the ground up or take your business to the next level. We're Utah's leading creative and digital marketing agency.

Give your brand the marketing dream team it deserves. Contact SilverFox today, and we’ll ensure you have a comprehensive marketing plan that fits your needs.