• Chase Charaba

Why you need video content for your business

Video is everywhere. Unless you’ve been sleeping under a rock, backpacking the Pacific Crest Trail, or somehow become lost in outer space, then you’ve likely encountered some form of video marketing recently. (I mean, after all, you’re viewing this article on the internet, aren’t you?)

It seems no matter where we look these days, video content competes for our attention. Whether that’s in the form of a classic TV commercial (old fashioned jingle and all), a YouTube video (and those beloved “can I please get back to the video I was watching?” mid-roll ads), or content shared across another social media platform, we can’t escape from visual content.

And we don’t want to either, as consumer trends indicate video is only set to grow in popularity.

Why is video marketing important, and why do you need video content for your business? Let the cameras roll, and let’s talk about that.


Why is video content important?

We already know video is a major force in content marketing today. According to a HubSpot report in 2020, video was the number one media form of content marketing used in 2019. It’s only grown since then.

Why are so many businesses using video marketing?

Videos improve your site’s SEO

SEO isn’t just about keywords and word count on a webpage. There are many factors that influence your site’s ranking on search engines like Google or Bing.

Since video is so popular, they can drive more traffic to your website than other forms of content. An increase in web traffic will improve your site’s SEO, since that’s one of the many factors that play into a site’s ranking.

Google also favors video content on webpages. As long as you transcribe your video and include the correct tags, headings, and other best practices, bots that crawl your site will be able to understand what your video is about.

Videos also increase the amount of time a user spends on your site. This will reduce your bounce rate and improve your overall site health.

Videos are compelling

Videos are interesting. There’s a reason T.V. replaced radio, and internet videos are on their way to replacing T.V. Video allows us to connect with the content being shown on a different level than reading or looking at photos, and the internet has allowed more creators and businesses to get their work noticed.

Not everyone wants to read an article (we’re thankful for you making it this far) or look through product photos. A video, though, captures everyone’s attention.

Videos get more shares

Videos get more shares than other types of content on social media. While it does happen, there aren’t many photos or text-based posts or promotions that go viral. Videos on the other hand frequently go viral.

Creating a video, especially one that’s entertaining, is the best way to make your brand go viral. According to a HubSpot article, 73% of those surveyed preferred seeing videos on social media that are entertaining. Releasing a fun, energetic ad can make your brand a viral sensation.

(We suppose you could also try to drop leaflets from a plane. Actually, our lawyers say that’s a bad idea. Don’t drop leaflets from a plane.)

Videos offer more places to be seen

Videos are another avenue of content marketing that get your business seen. Videos are the only way to get traffic from YouTube, and many other social media platforms favor video content over other types of posts.

According to YouTube’s press page, the platform has “over 2 billion monthly logged-in users.” Additionally, more than 500 hours of videos are uploaded every minute.

Facebook videos are another powerful marketing tool, as are Instagram Stories and videos.

These platforms, along with Twitter, LinkedIn, and others, allow for video advertising, which can give your brand more exposure than creating text or graphics alone.

Videos aren’t limited to just ads

While video ads are an extremely important tool for businesses, ads aren’t the only way to use video content. Video is just a medium, and as a business you can do whatever you want to market your brand.

One of the best ways to promote your business is to provide value to your customers. You can use video as a teaching tool to improve the customer experience and set your brand apart from the rest. Consider filming videos for your FAQs section of the website, releasing product demos, and showing how your business works behind the scenes.

If you’re releasing a new product, you can make a short video on that product drop for social media. Need something to post for the day? Make an Instagram story of your storefront or a few products you sell. You can even start a vlog, or video blog, for your business.

There are numerous ways to incorporate video in your marketing strategy. Don’t miss out on this powerful way to transform your website and social media content into something that’s useful for customers and compelling to your target audience.

In conclusion

Videos are a powerful force in marketing. With video content, you’ll have the opportunity to discover new potential customers, improve your website’s SEO and traffic, keep customers engaged, and for your content to be shared across the web.

From starting a vlog to creating entertaining advertisements, there are many options to market your business through video.

If you need video content for your business, you’ve come to the right place. Our talented creators at SilverFox HQ have years of experience creating videos for clients and social media. Contact us today for a free consultation to see how our marketing and design services can help your business grow.

Dream big, and we’ll figure out the rest.