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It’s all about the content. Content writing and compelling copy are vital components of any good marketing strategy. Writing helps to engage your potential customers, get your website to rank on Google, and allows you to share your company story and values.


Writing is used in advertising, for website copy, in blogs and articles, in press releases, on social media, and on products and packaging, to name a few areas. Content writing plays a critical role in digital marketing. Good communication is key to winning over customers.


Quality content writing and copywriting aren’t universal. Not everyone is a natural wordsmith, and that’s okay! That’s why SilverFox HQ offers SEO-friendly content writing services and copywriting services that convert prospects into customers. 


Alongside our design, branding, and advertising services, we have what it takes to grow your business.


Our content writers offer the following content writing services:


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What is Content Writing?

Content writing is a specialized subset of content marketing. In content marketing, content is created to attract or engage with your audience in a more casual way than sales copy. Content marketing doesn’t usually promote a brand’s products directly. Instead, it provides value to your audience. 


This could include blog posts, free downloads, and/or videos. No matter the type of content, it needs to establish trust with your audience. 


In writing, this means creating high quality, in-depth blog posts or downloadable content that drives traffic to your website through SEO.


How does this differ from copywriting? We’ll explain that below.

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What is Copywriting?

How’s copywriting different from content writing? Whereas content writing involves creating something that provides value to your audience while telling them about your brand, copywriting persuades them to purchase your product.


Copywriting is all about selling. It’s used in advertisements, on websites, on landing pages, and other places where you are trying to directly sell something to your audience. 


Good copy is concise and convincing, and often uses psychology and power or emotion words to appeal to your customers.

The Importance of Copywriting & Content Writing

Copy is what customers will see when visiting your website, reading about your products, looking at your social media profiles, or clicking on an ad. For your marketing to be successful, you need to consider what will pull your target audience in.


Effective writing strategies elevate your brand voice and provide an improved customer experience.


Putting the benefits of convincing sales copy and clear direction aside, let’s think about this the other way. What effect does poor writing have on your business?


There’s nothing more embarrassing for a business than having spelling and grammar mistakes on a webpage. Nobody’s perfect, so errors are bound to happen, but sometimes the language on websites is horrendous. 


It’s also possible that the content just wasn’t well written or effective enough to pull in customers. 


Poor writing leads to confusion and misinterpretation. In the worst case, this can tarnish your reputation.


Many businesses aren’t aware of the best writing techniques, either. There’s more to writing than just putting words onto the page. You have to consider what headlines are likely to convert, what keywords need to be included for your page to rank on Google, and what reading level is best for your audience. 


SilverFox HQ can help you avoid these problems. Our professional copywriters and content writers ensure that your printed and digital marketing materials are effective and easy for your audience to understand.

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SilverFox HQ offers comprehensive writing services alongside our digital marketing offers. We specialize in the following areas:

SilverFox HQ’s content writing services

Website Content Writing Services


Quality web copy is essential for your business. Our website content writing services can improve your site’s user experience and provide value to your customers. All of our copy is optimized for relevant keywords and Internet searches to increase website traffic and improve readability.


Anyone can stuff a page full of keywords with the hopes that it will increase site rankings. However, keyword stuffing can result in a stiff penalty from Google. Our writers naturally weave keywords in with the narrative and use industry-leading tools to ensure that your content never gets penalized for keyword stuffing.


Is the copy on your website long enough? In recent years, Google has placed more emphasis on ranking recent content that’s lengthy and original. In addition to creating content from scratch, SilverFox HQ can rewrite and improve the content you already have to meet these word count requirements.

Blog Content Writing Services

When it comes to developing and maintaining a blog, you need high quality content that’s SEO friendly and original. Whether that’s a weekly blog post, three posts each month, or only a month post, SilverFox HQ has your blog writing needs covered.


Our process begins with research and collaboration. We’ll work with you to develop content ideas and conduct extensive keyword and trend research to settle on the right topics for your brand. We research our blog topics to find reliable sources to build up external links on your site and to cite sources, building your blog’s reputation for accurate information. 


After researching the blog topic, we develop an outline and start writing. For SEO, most blog posts need to be written in a way that’s easy for a seventh grade audience to understand while containing all of the necessary keywords and information. 


Some companies may charge you by word, drafting these 5,000 word behemoths to make some quick cash. We believe that a blog should only be as long as it needs to be for readers and SEO. This could be 800 words for some topics, and 3,000 words for others. We let the topic dictate the length.


After our drafts are reviewed by the editor in chief, all content is shared with our clients for final review and suggestions.


From there, changes are made if needed, and posts are either sent to the client to be posted, or the posts are published to their website on our end.


Our blog management services can save you the headache of setting things up on your website. We can upload our blog posts for you and implement SEO-friendly meta descriptions, title tags, internal and external links, and the proper categories and tags. 


We can also design compelling graphics for your blog posts to set as the featured image or for you to share the blog posts on social media.


When you choose blog writing services from SilverFox HQ, you get high-quality original content that will educate and inspire your readers. 

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SEO Content Writing Services

Our team of professional writers are familiar with SEO techniques. Our content and copywriting services are SEO-friendly and use the best keywords to get your web pages ranking on Google search. 


We also ensure that SEO best practices are being followed with all of our content. That way, your pages have a better chance of ranking on search engines. These practices include meeting and exceeding the recommended minimum word count on every webpage, using headline best practices, and establishing external and internal link juices. 

Copywriting Services


Need compelling verbiage for your ad campaigns? What about your product descriptions? At SilverFox HQ, we know what language converts. We’ll combine our extensive knowledge and expertise with your brand voice, mission, and values to create copy that converts.


No matter if you are looking for Utah copywriting services or national copywriting, we can help! Use the form at the bottom of the page to get your free marketing consultation.

Other Writing Services

SilverFox HQ can tackle all of your marketing writing needs that check the “other” box. Maybe you need a downloadable PDF created for email collection, or a short ebook of tips that customers can purchase. Our writers have experience in many backgrounds, including journalism, fiction writing, and marketing. 


If what you’re looking for doesn’t fit any of the above categories, contact us! We’d love to hear more about your business needs and how SilverFox can help.


Sales Copy & Sales Funnels


Looking for sales copy and sales funnel marketing services? SilverFox HQ has the best sales copy writers around. For more information on those services, check out our Sales Funnel and Sales Copy page.

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